Get the in-cide(r) scoop on how to spice up your tea…

Confession: I live my life based on meticulous day-to-day schedules. These are not just any schedules, but rather ones that embody preciseness to the most extreme level: start and finish times for countless responsibilities including writing articles, attending meetings, working on internship applications, sweating through volleyball practices, formatting the newspaper, and the list goes on. Add in the time slots that I permit myself to go grab a quick meal, run an errand in five minutes max and wash the dishes in the three minutes I miraculously have left to spare before bolting it to practice and there, my friends, you see the definition of “insanity.”

But, recently I have become sucked into this hole, unable to crawl out. This hole leaves me grasping for any sort of time left to actually enjoy myself and relax.

We hear over and over again that time is the world’s most valuable commodity. Some believe it, and in fact, live by this saying (insert arrow pointing to me) while others sit back, relax, and go with the flow, not batting an eyelash that they just slept half the day away.

For me, time and I have a love-hate relationship. I value it almost too much, leaving “boredom” or “relaxation” to be almost foreign to my way of life.

When my extreme perfectionism kicks into full gear, I try to tell myself to relax. Find that one thing that will allow me to breathe for a second without taking a glance at my “to do” list.

Now, it should be no surprise then that I do in fact have this so-called “enjoyable time” planned in to my schedule! Whoops…

For me, this time falls on a Wednesday night. After a long day of classes, practice, a quick dinner and then countless hours formatting and laying out the Features section of The Hill News, I de-stress and head back to my dorm room to watch Nashville with my roommate and enjoy a different Wednesday treat every week.

Last week’s treat was the oh-so delectable, healthy and extremely hard to make (a little sarcasm never hurts) Cookie Dough Oreos! This week, I decided to be more creative and spice up some nice drinks for Abbey and I. No better way to do that then with Teavana tea, spices, fruit and perhaps a dash of Chardonnay.

photo 2Spiced Apple Cider White Wine Sangria



In a Teavana tea maker, pour 3 heaping tsp. of tea mixture (Teavana sells many delectable flavors-next week I am considering trying my pumpkin spice chai flavor!) Boil 8 oz. of water, pour into tea maker and steep for 10 minutes. Transfer warm tea into a bottle to refrigerate (although it is delicious warm as well!) Add in a sugar substitute if you prefer a sweeter tea.

When ready to prepare drink, line the rim of a glass with honey. Then dip and twist glass along a plate sprinkled with cinnamon to fully coat the honey.

photo 3

Next, pour iced tea into glass, add ice cubes, chunks of apple and desired amount of white wine if you so choose. Garnish with a slice of apple and a dash of cinnamon, or perhaps a cinnamon stick if you create the drink warm instead! Bon appétit!

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