In queso you didn’t know…

Buen Sabor, a frozen-food company of Latin American cuisine created by St. Lawrence alumna Sarah Pike’99, is coming soon to a location near you! Well, maybe not all of you quite yet…but to all my St. Lawrence friends, make sure you head to tomorrow’s “Empanada Party” hosted by my co-ambassador, Caroline Winslow, in the Sykes iHouse kitchen from 5-7 p.m. It will be a fun-filled night of delicious and FREE empanadas that you will savor all the way home along the frigid paths of the SLU campus.

Meanwhile, I am currently sick and sitting in my DC apartment wishing I could be popping an empanada in the oven right now. But, on the bright side, I am working with Buen Sabor to not only assist in promoting their delicious products to the St. Lawrence community but also to interest my growing community in Washington, DC in the Buen Sabor products, which will be available here sometime in March! How exciting!

If you are in the Rochester area, you can go snatch some Buen Sabor meals at a lovely store called Hart’s Local Grocers  on Winthrop Street and if you are at St. Lawrence University, stop by the Pub and grab a few boxes in an instant! Also, make sure to go to Dana Dining Hall Sunday brunch for another sampling of the products.

While I was home for winter break, I was able to try a few of the Buen Sabor meals myself!

Here is the yummy sweet plantain and cheese empanada that is perfect for a filling brunch! I paired it with some sautéed greens, fresh herbs, and tomatoes to make for a nice side salad. photo 2

photo 3


I also tried the beef empanada, which really satisfied my tastebuds with its spicy kick!

photo 1

Check them out for yourself and you will not be disappointed!

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