You walnut regret eating these cookies for breakfast…

And the award for “Best Baking Intern” goes to (drum roll, please)….Breakfastwithbex! I’d say a pleasant sweet treat surprise at our monthly staff meeting was welcomed with open….mouths. Considering my supervisor ate 6 cookies in one sitting and I left work without a cookie to spare, I shall assume that my latest baking experiment was a success. Try them out yourself!

photo copy 4

Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal Walnut Breakfast Cookies

Yields ~ 2 dozen cookies



Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, mix together softened butter, egg and vanilla. Add in flour, baking powder, salt and sugar until mixed. Next add coconutter, walnuts and oats. Mix well.

Grease a cookie sheet and roll dough into balls (teaspoon size). Press down with a fork to create a design and sprinkle each with cinnamon.

Bake for 12 minutes or until they reach a light golden color. Bon appétit!

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