Now I’m (all) “Fo(u)r-Fudge-Seconds”….

Bex has never attempted a fudge creation until now. But, this experiment was quite the success. The result was far from an extremely rich and heavy fudge, rather it was a tasteful light treat to satisfy your sweet tooth craving. I am excited to try this out with my other coconut butter flavors as well and see how they compare. If you are starting to think, “Man, Bex is really into coconut butter lately…” (like my mom is thinking) then you are correct. Sweet Spreads is keeping me stocked with the best of the best and I cannot help but create a new recipe a week with some sort of coconut butter in it! Enjoy!


Maple-White Chocolate Coconut Butter Fudge



In a Vertimax or blender, place half of all ingredients (depending on size of blender) and mix well, then do the other half. If blender is large, pour in all ingredients and mix well.

Once blended thoroughly,  spread into a 13 X 9 inch pan. Melt desired amount of chocolate morsels and drizzle on top of fudge. Put in freezer.

Remove from freezer at least a half hour before serving. Bon appétit!

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  1. Even though you’ve simplified the recipe for original fudge a lot, it looks and sounds great to me! I’ve tried making original fudge once, but I outrageously screwed it up (but tsss don’t tell anyone please)! 🙂 Good work!


    1. Hahaha! Your secret is safe with me, Ben! Thanks for your sweet words 😉


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