Bex’s Go-To Brunch Joint in DC: Central Michel Richard

We all know the feeling: the depressed, sad emotional roller-coaster you experience after you just had one of the best weekends ever or the most memorable visit from a best friend or family member. The 24 hours following my brother’s visit to DC for four days this past weekend was bittersweet as I reflected on how much fun we had packing in anything and everything one could possibly do in Washington, DC in just 4 days.

Now, Breakfastwithbex has never done a restaurant review, however, the brunch experience that I had with Jeff and our friend, Jake, this past weekend cannot go unnoticed. It was by-far one of the greatest highlights of Jeff’s DC excursion and definitely my favorite brunch joint in DC thus far.

Ladies and gentlemen, give a round of applause to the winner of this impeccable Bex award:

Central Michel Richard

~Washington Post Rated 3 Stars~

~James Beard Award Winner~
Best New Restaurant and Best Chef in the USA

~Washingtonian Magazine Top 15 Restaurants in DC~

In my desire to make Jeff’s visit one to truly remember not only in terms of sites and monument visits but also, in terms of food, I knew I had to do my research. Central Michel Richard has been at the top of my “Go-To Brunch Joints in DC” since I stepped foot into this lovely city, but I have never had an occasion in which I deemed it fitting to go! A French brunch is one of my favorite treats and this was beyond anything my tastebuds could handle.

With award winning accolades, this American bistro with an exquisite French twist is simply beyond words. Brunch is served solely on Sundays from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm with a Prix Fixe menu price of $27…and let me tell you that every penny you spend on your brunch is worth it.

Our Sunday in paradise began with a fresh basket of warm French bread and butter accompanied by a killer French press full of coffee. Alright, Central Michel Richard….you are pulling at my heartstrings already.


First, you order your three course brunch selections all at once. The service is perfectly timed out. You received each consecutive course just in time for you to mentally accept the fact that the previous course likely blew your mind and now you can prepare to fall into love with the next course.

As our first course, we all ordered the pancrepes. Jeff and Jake ordered the chocolate pancrepes which came with a hot chocolate sauce and portion of fresh whipped creme. I ordered the apple pancrepes. Our jaws dropped when these babies graced our starving eyes.


Following the first course was our main second course. For myself, I ordered croque madame which came with a crisp side salad. ‘Twas my first croque madame ever and let’s just say that all the other croque madames out there don’t stand a chance now. Sorry, guys. The cheese was baked to perfection accompanied by thick ham in the middle and two poached eggs on top. Jeff ordered the fried chicken and waffles, which left him speechless due to the contrast of the fried chicken atop a light potato mash aside waffles with a fluffy and sweet topping. Jake ordered the traditional eggs benedict, which was a first time experience for him!


None of us could even handle how full we were after the second course. At the thought of a third course, we all immediately thought the same thing: “Must. Get. Boxes.”

So, our waiter came over and I kindly asked if he could bring out boxes with our mutual third course orders of creme brulee french toast with a fresh strawberry and rhubarb topping. He chuckled and walked away. Meanwhile, Jake and I were thinking, “Dude, there is no way we have room for dessert. No way in h…”

And then….we saw it….


And then….we saw it again….


And then…guess what we did? We ate the entire thing. Savored every single bite. Shed a few tears. Closed our eyes out of disbelief. Speechless.

I simply cannot express my love for the day I had brunch at 11:30 am on Sunday, June 14, 2015 at Central Michel Richard. It truly was and will always be….one of the best brunches of my entire life. Thank you, Central Michel Richard for making me a better woman (just kidding, that is a bit dramatic….but it’s true.) You can now add “Bex’s Best Brunch Award” to your growing list of honors.

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