DC Food Blogger’s Summer Soirée

Imagine reading an unexpected email inviting you to a Summer Soirée to indulge in “a tasty array of unique spreads using fresh produce and local ingredients inspired by the summer season!” Umm….can you say music to Bex’s ears?!?!

When I was invited to Heirloom DC’s invite-only event called DC Food Blogger’s Summer Soirée, my mouth watered just entering the exciting event into my calendar. This was the first time that Heirloom Catering & Event Design has ever hosted this event, intended to bring together the top DC Food bloggers in the community to celebrate the summer over delicious bites and drinks in the beautiful Wonder Bread Factory.

Upon walking in, my fellow food bloggers and I were in awe at the tablescape and breathtaking array of appetizers and treats engulfing a gorgeously designed area. Heirloom partnered with various local artisans including Bazaar Spices, Buttercream Bakeshop, Deep Eddy Vodka, Fruitcycle, Misfit Juicery, Something Vintage & Urban Stems to make for simply an unforgettable evening for all involved.


We kicked off the Soirée at the refreshing cocktail bar in which we all savored the perfect spike of Deep Eddy Vodka in our choice of either a Peach Lemon Tea Punch or a Thai Basil Limeade Punch to make for some delightful cocktails among lovely discussion.

Oh, but I almost forgot! What would a cocktail be without these Berry Lemon Ice Cubes…genius right? Pure genius.


Our friends of Heirloom, Vicky Theodorou and Sadie Cornelius, could not get over the lengthy amount of time we spent simply taking photos of the gorgeous setup and food. But, in a room full of about 15 food bloggers…could one expect anything less?

Next, we were served a refreshing gazpacho appetizer, which was delicious and full of seasonal vegetables and herbs.


The array of options to choose from was beyond words. This is just a sampling of love at first sight….I mean, bite….

Here we have the “Land of Cheese” also known as Heaven. From Amish Butter Cheese, to Herb-Infused Blue Cheese to Smoked Gouda Cheese and my favorite (but not pictured), Blueberry Goat Cheese…one could not even attempt to pick just one so you had to have a tasting of each. And pictured behind the cheese you will see the Deviled Maryland Crab Egg served in Roasted Corn on the Cobs. What a unique idea for a summer get-together!


Oh, and have no fear, folks. There was quite the bread variety to accompany the signature tapenades and antipasto. From Pancetta & Cheddar Cornbread Muffins to Garden Herb Flatbread…the options were endless. My favorite were these Ricotta Spinach Pastries:


I could stop overflowing you with photos that are likely making you drool as you read this…but that would take away all my fun. Thus, I shall continue. You are welcome.

Summer salads are always my favorite as they can be so versatile, flavorful and unique depending on what one mixes into them. When Chef Donnie Dennis came out to greet us, I could not help but ask him about all his ingredients and hear his stories behind growing his own herbs, fruits and vegetables that make up Heirloom’s seasonal menus! He uses organic techniques to create savory cured meats and he truly prides himself in his array of fresh and flavorful berries and vegetables infusing all his dishes.


My favorite salads were the Farro & Quinoa Salad with Grilled Summer Vegetables and the Fingerling Potato/White & Purple Bean/ Fava Bean Salad, both pictured below.



We finally decided to dish up our plates (and then a few more…) with a sampling of antipasto, tapenades, breads, and summer salads. But we could not forget the protein selection! First, Vicky brought around Spicy Mediterranean Little Ribs with a Cucumber Sauce, which simply hit the spot and paired well with just about any side you chose. Next, we had Scallops with Minted Pea Puree & Pancetta, my favorite out of them all and beautifully presented to say the least.


With a full plate of every flavor imaginable, Bex sunk into a state of delight along with new friends beside her.


Oh, wait! You thought the night was over? Oh, no. Dessert time! Here we have Buttercream BakeShop’s Blueberry Icebox Pies:


You could top your own with whipped lemon cream, whipped cream, white chocolate shavings or candied almonds for an added spark to these fresh delights! And if the fun didn’t end there…just throw in the best macaroon I’ve ever had in my entire life…


Amazing food and great people in my favorite city made for a night that I will never forget. Cheers to Vicky, Sadie, Donnie and all those at Heirloom who worked together to host such a wonderful event!


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