Bex’s Best Bites of DC – 2015

Of all weeks to return to Rochester, NY this summer, Bex, of course, had to leave Washington, D.C. during the best week of them all: D.C. Restaurant Week. Devastating, I know. Trust me, I shed a tear because of this…actually, many tears.

In honor of it being restaurant week in my favorite city, I shall share with you what I believe are some of the best of the best in D.C. Now, might I add that I have been to many splendid places around town, but these picks, folks…these are the real deal. So, see for yourself! Or rather, taste for yourself!

Best Breakfast – Breakfast with Bex…duh

Now, Bex could not get all serious with restaurant reviews on you JUST yet so obviously she had to throw in some fun. But hey, “Breakfast with Bex” could be a restaurant in the near future! You never know…

Here are just a few Bex creations that originated in Rochester, NY but made their way into some D.C. eats this summer for a very memorable weekend brunch date:


Baked Cinnamon Grapefruit Topped with Greek Yogurt and Apple Crumble


Bex’s Breakfast Tortilla with Chunky Artichoke Parmesan Pesto, Fresh Zucchini & Beans, Chicken Sausage and an Egg


Bex’s Lemon Pudding Paradise

Best Brunch – Central Michel Richard

I have been to many brunches in D.C. but as much as I really loved a handful of them…none compared to Central Michel Richard.

A $28 fixed price for a three-course brunch? Fresh French bread and butter? Great service… beautiful restaurant? What more could one ask for?!

If you have not indulged in a Central Michel Richard brunch yet then you must do so this weekend. And plan not to eat anything until dinner because you will be beyond full after a meal here!


First Course: Apple Pancrepes


Second Course:

Upper Left – Fried Chicken and Waffles

Right – Traditional Eggs Benedict

Lower Left – Croque Madame


Third Course: Creme Brulee French Toast with a Fresh Strawberry & Rhubarb Topping

Best Coffee Mockingbird Hill

Iced cold brew coffee served on tap from a keg. Yes. You read that correctly. Basically Guinness in coffee form…if you think I am joking, then go and sip for yourself.

Iced Cold Brew Coffee on Tap

Best Lunch – Cava Grill

I despise Chipotle. Yes, I am still human (despite what my Ketchum co-workers, a.k.a. huge Chipotle fans, may think). After experiencing how quickly they attempt to slop all your food into a heaping tower of mush, along with the fun fact that I found a moldy piece of plastic in my Chipotle bowl once… I think I’ll pass.

Now, Cava Grill on the other hand is more fit to Bex’s style. The food items look fresh and you can clearly see the chefs and workers cooking nearby. Not only is Cava Grill great for lunch, but I just went to a media tasting of their new breakfast menu, which will be available soon at the Reagan National Airport!


Make-You-Own Breakfast Bowl and Parfait!

Best Burger TD Burger

Former “Top-Chef” contender Timothy Dean is cooking up quite the reputation for himself with his restaurant in the heart of the NoMa neighborhood where I lived for 8 months. Perfectly placed across from The Washington Center, (which I attended last semester), his burger joint is not only conveniently located, but the food is delicious and one cannot beat their happy hour prices anywhere else. 1/2 price pizzas? $9 for the best burger you will get in DC?

Oh, and might I throw in that throughout the summer he is out there with his partner-in-crime sizzling up mean BBQ briskets, BBQ chicken and unreal baby back ribs of which my brother Jeff and I devoured in seconds when he came to visit in June.

TD Burger will forever hold a special place in Bex’s Burger-Loving heart 🙂

FullSizeRender copy 2

Grilled Ahi Tuna Burger….(Try not to drool just looking at it)

Best Mexican Restaurant – Johnny Pistolas

One of my favorite gals in DC, Analiese Trimber, is the beautiful face behind her blog The Bacon Princess. Not only is Annie a mean cook and baker, but she is also an absolutely great friend. One of our last days together in DC we took a trip to Johnny Pistolas in Adams Morgan. For the entire summer, we had been dying to go due to some DC foodie gossip of a pretty top notch “Bruncharia” that they serve. I mean just look at that menu, folks!

But instead, Annie and I went for a late dinner and it was simply to die for. The flavors brought tears to our eyes…okay, maybe that is a bit drastic. But let’s just say we were in heaven.

If you are a table of two, the small tray option on the menu is perfect. You can choose 6 classic tacos out of the assortment listed, alongside pita chips, guacamole, baja slaw, gorditas and salsa. All the sides were fantastic. Annie and I both agreed that the chorizo taco was out of this world but we couldn’t complain about the others! All in all, Johnny Pistolas is hands down a go-to restaurant when in D.C.


Small Tray Option: 6 Classic Tacos with pita chips, guacamole, baja slaw, gorditas and salsa

Best Georgetown Restaurant: Kafe Leopold 

This tucked-away Austrian restaurant in Georgetown is such a delight to go to. I have been here a few times and have only had great experiences. Whether it be their meals, their rich coffee, or their fancy desserts…Kafe Leopold is the place to go when exploring the many great things to see in Georgetown.

FullSizeRender copy 4Bratwurst: Skillet Cooked Bratwurst, celery sauerkraut, roasted potatoes and mustard

FullSizeRender copy 5

Papillotte: Praline meringue & a creamy almond hazelnut mousse in a milk chocolate shell

Best Cupcake: Baked & Wired

Even though I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to desserts…I have to say that I have never been an overly crazy cupcake fan. Georgetown Cupcakes? Eh. Not worth the money nor the time it takes to stand in a ridiculous line for something that does not even come close to being as good as my Mom’s baked goods. But Baked & Wired? Now, we are talking.


The Smurfette: Lemon cake with fresh blueberries folded in the batter, topped with a lemon buttercream


And an espresso with your name on it?! I just wanted to take this cute little cup home with me…

These are not the only great eats throughout D.C. by any means…but I do hope that this gave you at least a small taste of some of my favorites!

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