Thank Gourd for Acorn Squash…

After spending a summer in Washington, D.C., I met so many great food-blogger friends who all encouraged me to start Spoon University at St. Lawrence University (you can read more about what Spoon University is through the link!) After talking to many friends, I decided that I really wanted to give it a try because not only would it bring a totally different student activity to campus but it would also allow me to grow my passion into something that I could share with my friends, peers and entire Canton community.

After compiling over 300 signatures of students across campus during the petition phase, spreading word of Spoon University during recruitment phase through a Spoon University table at the organization fair, flyers, banners and much more, it was finally here: Spoon University at SLU.

I was so excited and so thrilled to have a lovely handful of girls who were just as passionate about this online food publication as I was.

So, with that said, here is my first Spoon University post with my Egg and Sausage Stuffed Acorn Sausage. Bon appétit!

Edited Finished

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