I’m still thanking Cheesus for this breakfast melt….

59°F and sunny…sounds like a perfect summer day…I mean, Christmas Eve morning?! Despite the sad lack of snow here in Rochester, NY, the house still smelled of Christmas this holiday season. Cookies upon cookies and the traditional cooking of Ukrainian pirogies and paska by Mom and Grandma helped keep my Christmas spirits alive (and my tastebuds craving more).

Now, between Christmas and New Years comes some easy, breezy, beautiful…sandwiches to satisfy your sweet and savory cravings. This sandwich is simple – brings a kick of asiago cheese, some hearty protein with an egg and some turkey, all packed into some sweet cinnamon swirl bread. Knock yourself out.


Turkey, Egg, and Asiago Melt 



Butter two pieces of cinnamon swirl bread and set aside.

Next, crack an egg in a pan over low-medium heat until cooked to liking.

Flip both pieces of bread over and spread each with asiago river rat cheese. Top one side with turkey and greens. Once egg is done, lay on top. Assemble the other piece of bread atop your masterpiece and place sandwich on hot pan. Cook about 2-3 minutes on each side and bon appétit!


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