You’re a gran(d)-ola old bar, you’re a high-flying bar…

Fingers crossed that the weather man is right and it truly is heating up out there in time for Spring fest this weekend! The sun is shining and the fruity punches are being made, so what better way to enjoy some outdoor activities and music than with some easy and healthy snacks?

Setton Farm’s new Pistachio Berry Blend is simply a handful of all my favorite things: pistachios, almonds, cashews, white chocolate chips, cranberries and more. Unknown

I wanted to incorporate it into something I have never tried before, which was making homemade granola bars! Let me tell you, these granola bars were gone within hours at my house…no joke. Everyone was grabbing them (even the neighbors) and I think I got a bite of one! Whether you want to incorporate a hearty nut and berry blend into a granola bar or simply take it on a sunny hike or weekend road trip, this blend is the perfect choice. And to all my Canton, NY friends right here at St. Lawrence…you can get this mix right down the street at Price Chopper! Can I get a yippee?!

Pistachio & Berries Granola Bars

DSC_0148 (1)



Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a bowl, stir together oats, pistachio berry blend mix, pistachios and chocolate.

In a saucepan, melt the butter, honey, brown sugar, and maple syrup until it bubbles. Reduce the heat and cook for 2 minutes. Add peanut butter until it melts and stir.

Pour over dry ingredients and mix together until combined.


Pour into baking dish and press out until about 3/4 inch or however thick you would like them.

Put into the oven for 5 minutes to set. Remove and chill in the fridge overnight. Cut and bon appétit!


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