Just a-peach-iating my last summer margarita

Summer? What summer! Man, time flies. Seems like I moved back to D.C. yesterday and yet I just had my three-month review as an account coordinator at Ketchum two days ago. Hard to believe how fast those three months of summer have gone, AND that some of those lovely D.C. rooftop bars will be shutting down in a few weeks. But hey, who says you can’t still make a perfectly delicious summer margarita in the comfort of your own home?

Sparkling ICE has always been my all-time favorite mixer. Whether my college roommates and I were making margaritas, sangria, or just simple mixed drinks, we raved over these babies.

The Peach Tea is a wicked great flavor out of the variety – almost great enough to be added to Bex’s list of favorites (which include Coconut Pineapple, Crisp Apple and Classic Lemonade). It was just lovely in frozen peach margarita form as well. Who cares that this week marked the turn of the Fall season; you still better make this summery drink this weekend to celebrate all of your accomplishments and memories throughout the summer of 2016!

Bex’s Frozen Peach Margarita



~Yields 2 margaritas~


Add all ingredients together in a blender and blend in pulses, as the carbonation may bubble over if overdone. Blend until personal preference. Pour into glasses rimmed with honey and sugar and garnish with another frozen peach. Bon appétit!


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