One of Chinatown’s best restaurants? You don’t SEI!

i don’t really fancy the Chinatown area of Washington, D.C. all too often – not because I don’t like it but more so because I have just never explored it enough.

During my first visit to SEI in Chinatown over the summer, I fell in love with the vibe of the place – so warm and sentimental. I loved the simplicity of the white and gold hues and hey, a little sushi and a wasabi cocktail didn’t hurt as well!

When the lovely PR pro Ashley Mason-Greene told me that SEI was introducing a bottomless $10 brunch, I was immediately aligned to test it out.


The fish and chips specialty sushi roll is always a go-to starter. Talk about some flavorful flounder with potato crisps and wasabi tarter. Mmm, definitely a customer favorite.

I love having dishes that I would never make myself when I go out – hence the crab cake benedict. The crab was delish and might I say, this presentation is really on-point. I am usually a fan of rice, however, the rice cake on the bottom of this dish was not my favorite. I like the idea of a rice cake as opposed to an English muffin of sorts for sure, however, this was just a tad bit too dry and bland for me. The poached eggs, yuzu hollandaise, and tofu hash made up for it though. Definite flavor points there, SEI.


Upon first sight of these babies, I knew I needed to try them out. The Korean Kalbe Tacos were pretty dang good and I would definitely order these again. BBQ short rib, kimchi slaw, sriracha sour cream and a soft scramble …say no more.


Oh, my sweet tooth was ready for this. The Miso Orange Bread Pudding with Soy Ice Cream was simply unreal. I am obsessed with the presentation and the flavor. Holy smokes. You must order this even if you think you are too full for dessert.


I mean, just look at that icecream. Makes you want to eat your screen, eh?


Sake Panna Cotta. Basically custard heaven with strawberry deliciousness on top. One of SEI’s newest dessert options and for Pete’s sake, if you don’t try either of these desserts after seeing these photos, something is wrong with you.


Check it out! A beautiful joint, delicious eats and $10 bottomless brunch? What is stopping you?!


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