Pizza a la MOD(e)

Pizza. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

When it comes to MOD Pizza, I knew I would be in trouble.

Bex seemingly likes every type of topping, condiment, spice, and food (let’s be honest) imaginable. So, when she set eyes on basically what looked like “The Chipotle of Pizza Heaven,” aka MOD Pizza, she knew she should prepare the workers because basically she was about to load her pizza up like they had never seen before.

Bex tried to spare a few toppings, she really did, but here we have it folks…..


If I could tell you what I put on it, I would, but honestly it was just way too much and clearly defines all the colors of the wind.

Every single bite of this pizza was heaven in my mouth, hence why I ate the entire thing and then died of a food coma for the rest of my evening.

Then, you have my friend, Jake Williams, who chose a wonderful array of toppings to make for quite the beautiful pizza….


I mean, props to him for the lovely color scheme. Bex clearly was not going for presentation points when designing her piece of “art.”

We both devoured these pizzas like I have never seen human beings do before. So excited for the ability to choose every topping on our pizza, we initially wrote down exactly what we wanted in notepads on our phones, only to then approach the counter and realize that every topping was in a completely different order than listed on the menu (hint, hint…might be a good idea to align those two things so that weird customers like me and Jake can easily read what we would like as we go down the line). Regardless, I really can’t complain. Just take a look at this bad boy….


A closer look has allowed me to uncover a few ingredients: Kale, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, olives, spicy sausage, every herb ever created and sri-rancha….yes, I said sri-rancha. It is exactly what you think it is: Sriracha and Ranch had a child and walla, here you have it, my friends.  As overwhelming as this may look, don’t be fooled by the power and deliciousness of a fully loaded artisan pizza.

Trip it out to Silver Spring, MD because this place is pretty awesome. Once I stepped off the metro, it was a whole new world (cue Disney’s Jasmine). The lights, the action, the restaurants…I felt like I was in the heart of NYC. I definitely need to head back over that way and explore the area more.

Here is a sneak preview of the cool vibes around the area as evident by these lights and scenery. For all you pizza lovers out there, hit up MOD pizza this weekend and let me know what you think!


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