I’d like to Se-(narts) a few words about this cute restaurant on Barracks Row

Oh, one of my favorite areas of DC: Eastern Market and Barracks Row. I really tend to be one of those people that clings to an area…clearly that is evident based on my inability to ever move out of the NOMA area, which might I mention is a beautiful walk to Eastern Market, passing the Capitol and all.

There are just so many lovely restaurants near the market and on Barracks Row: Ambar, Belga Cafe, The Garrison, Cava Mezze, and more. It was definitely time to check one place that I had yet to visit – the small Oyster & Chophouse called Senart’s. When General Manager David Salvatore invited me for a visit, I was very excited to see what he had to offer.

My lovely coworker and friend Erin and I started with a few gorgeous appetizers and drinks.


We could not come to an Oyster bar without trying the oysters obviously and man, isn’t this dish from the Raw Bar menu beautiful?! The oysters were very large, flavorful and delicious when paired with the horseradish sauce. We are off to a good start, Senart’s.


Maybe not the best pairing of flavors with oysters (sorry stomach), but this Key Lime Pie Cocktail was to die for and that’s coming from a gal who has tried many great cocktails in D.C. Never have I had a key lime pie-flavored one so this impressed Bex for sure.

Erin got a traditional mule, which she really enjoyed. What a cutie she is seated in our booth with a great view of the chilly scene outside – inclusive of a beautiful couple taking their wedding photos!



Our second appetizer was the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail – another delish dish from the Raw Bar menu with a great presentation.


Our adorable waiter was so friendly and conscious of the timing of our dishes – an element that I think is always commendable.

For a main course, I chose the Eastern Shore Morning -pan scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, potato hash, three fried oysters & Senart’s aioli (because clearly I had not had enough oysters in my starter). Typically I am not really a fan of potato hash, but the amount of cheddar cheese on this bad boy mad them delicious (Note: cheese is always the solution). The fried oysters atop a very large heaping of scrambled eggs with Senart’s aioli was not only flavorful but also made for a great crunch courtesy of the fried oysters. I would definitely order this again.


Erin ordered the Surf & Turf Breakfast – Grilled hanger steak & jumbo shrimp, grits & roasted tomatoes with red eye gravy.


The steak was good but we were not super impressed by the eggs or toast. Typically a higher quality toast with a brunch is desired, but regardless, the steak with grits and red eye gravy was a yummy pairing. Chef Alex Andrade’s menu is a must-try for brunch if you are in the area this holiday season.

All in all, Erin and I really enjoyed our meal at Senart’s and are eager to check out Chef Gregorio Martinez’s restaurant right down the street called Ophelia’s! A great area, some delicious raw appetizers and cocktails – what more could I ask for than to have just another excuse to frequent this area of D.C. even more?!

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