This top restaurant in D.C. does not need to fish(ers) for compliments..

Georgetown is always my favorite place to paddleboard/kayak on the waterfront, to stroll around with friends or to shop in and then spend much more money than planned. Interestingly enough, I never really go out to eat in the area because I will typically trip it to my favorite shop, Baked & Wired, for a treat and espresso. I always, however, pass by Farmers Fishers Bakers, which I have heard amazing reviews of. Well, I can tell ya that I will be visiting this restaurant every time I go to Georgetown from here on out.

The Farmers Market Brunch is one of the greatest brunches I have been to in D.C. It is a great deal of $29.99 per person and children ages 6-12 eat for $14.99 while children under 6 eat for free. It’s the perfect place for the entire family this holiday season. Head there for brunch on Monday, December 26th!

A variety of plates and glasses are set up near the brunch buffet area.
The buffet is organized with various tables: The Butchers Table, Gardeners Table, Carving Table and Dessert Bar. My best friend from high school, Allison, is scooping up one of our favorites, the artichoke dip, from the Gardeners Table.
First, I dished up a plate with a sampling of many dips and farm-fresh sides from the Gardeners Table: pimento dip, artichoke dip and hummus paired with fresh pita bread; grilled zucchini, squash and broccolini (my first time having it!); and the Chef’s bean salad of the day. All were such flavorful and warm appetizers for what was about to be an unreal brunch experience.
Upon nibbling on my delicious picks from the Gardeners Table, our waiter graced us with a warm welcome of fluffy biscuits and cinnamon rolls, accompanied by larder jam and butter. This was the first sweet treat of many and man, does Bex have a soft spot in her heart for a warm cinnamon bun smothered in delicious frosting.
In the words of Kate Hudson in one of my favorite movies….”Frost yourself” with one of these cinnamon rolls.
Now, let me introduce you to the selection at the Butchers Table: Chicken, beef or pork tacos (alright, enough said) and some fresh guacamole that is prepared right at the table throughout the day for guests to watch. These shells were so thick and soft – great for loading them up with everything available at the taco station (as I may have done…)
The pork was my favorite – topped with a spicy sauce, cilantro, corn and onion. Mmmm, I loved the ability to design your own unique taco.
Bex has never really been a huge spaghetti and meatballs gal but the sight of a massive pan full of balls…was just irresistible (it was a joke, Dad…I promise). These cheesy grits were one of her favorite items from the brunch, especially with the meatballs, sauce and fresh parmesan on top.
Oh and who could forget, the tropical brunch bowl that we were served. Refreshing, adorable and the perfect addition to our brunch experience. This is a must-get if you are headed here with a few friends.
Now, friends…we have yet to even touch the Carving Table. While a lovely man is at one table preparing egg scrambles, another is cutting slow roasted chuck eye and house cured ham to serve. Ok, YUM. And then, comes heaven: the sweet bread french toast station.
This bread. THIS BREAD is what dreams are made of. I loved creating my french toast plate with some warm bananas foster, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and pecans. If you are not necessarily a banana person, there are macerated berries and a fresh fruit compote to build your own french toast dish as well.
Oh look, our cute server is back with a second traveling tray. And shall I mention how pleased she was that I made her stop and pose for this pic?! The fishers fry hit the spot with some fried shrimp and horseradish sauce.
Time for a cleanse (aka another trip to the Gardeners Table). Bex couldn’t decide which salad to choose, so she combined them all. Genius, I know. The combo was so fresh and flavorful. I am in love, Farmers Market Brunch. This experience is just amazing.
The breakfast jambalaya: a beautiful dish of which I only had a few bites of because let’s face it, I was getting a wee bit full (those words never came out of my mouth…).
What would a brunch be without an eggs benedict?! Another beautiful traveling tray at the Farmers Market Brunch has arrived. I would’ve liked a more flavorful hollandaise sauce, but hey, I saved some calories on this one (not to say that any person should be counting calories when going to this brunch buffet or you’re crazy).
To satisfy my sweet tooth even more was this absolutely unreal peanut butter dessert. Geesh, with peanut butter being my favorite thing ever, I simply could not stop eating this rich dessert…just ask Allison.
The brûléed pink grapefruit from the Gardeners Table was also a Bex favorite. Perfectly crystalized with sugar and very photogenic, might I add.
A little rice pudding never hurt nobody. A+ from Bex.
Did anyone want more sugar because….here it is! Loved these little delights to top off such a great experience.


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