Jesus, (Red) Toque the Wheel

Believe it or not, Bex has only had Indian food once in her entire life. A girl who loves spicy food and has only had Indian food once?! What is wrong with that..well, Red Toque set out to fix that.

This was Bex’s second Indian food experience and who better to accompany her on this little date than her lovely friend, Alex, who just so happens to love Indian food. As a vegetarian, Alex loved the options on the menu so much, that her and her coworkers ordered from Red Toque for lunch the next day! Now that, is dedication to great Indian food right there, folks. The owner, Seth, made the experience even more fantastic with his friendly and genuine service.

Others seated at the table beside us enjoyed their food just as much as we did and we made great conversation over the flavor profiles of each dish.

Alex suggested two veggie appetizers to start, one of which is the Vegetable Samosas pictured here. With a filling spiced up with curry powder and tumeric, these crispy appetizers had a great kick to them to start off the meal.
I was a huge fan of our second appetizer: Vegetable Pakoras is a shredded mix of vegetables dipped in chickpea batter and lightly fried. I am not a huge fried food fan, but the warm fried vegetables dipped in some of Red Toque’s side sauces really hit the spot.
Arugula and Beets Salad- Roasted beets on a bed of fresh arugula topped with chopped tomatoes. It was definitely a Bex decision to order a side salad at an Indian restaurant and I’d probably never do that again considering there are many other great options..but regardless, who doesn’t love fresh beets and arugula?!
Fresh pita & Baba ghanoush….my favorite combo of the night. Very traditional and yet amazing. Both were the perfect temperature and the cooked eggplant with tahina, olive oil and various other seasonings is a must at Red Toque.
God, I love falafel. You really cannot go wrong here. With a delicious tahini sauce drizzled on top….


The Palak Paneer was a dish I have never had before and one of my favorites! This dish consists of rice topped with creamy spinach and Indian white cheese. Talk about an amazing flavor profile! This bad boy was hopping with a killer kick to it. This and the Babab ghanoush are top on the list of Bex Favorites thus far.
The tandoori chicken with rice and chickpeas was a very simple dish. If I ordered again, I would definitely have chosen something with more of a sauce and spicy kick to it like the amazing Chicken Tikka Masala.

Red Toque is a great joint for Middle Eastern cuisine and is the perfect choice for your next take-out meal. Cuddle up on the couch, choose a nice movie and enjoy a delicious meal in the comfort of your own house. I guarantee you will love it!

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