Belga Cafe – My Go-To Restaurant for Authentic Belgian Food

Belgian food, especially for brunch, is always delightful. Nothing beats Belga Cafe‘s unreal waffles. Savory or sweet – the choice is yours! Right in the center of Barrack’s Row, Belga is a perfect spot to brunch this Spring. Then head to Eastern Market afterwards for a little shopping and Farmer’s Market fun.

Bowl of Fresh Berries – Lime and Mint

Typically, Bex doesn’t buy fresh berries on a weekly basis but rather favors bananas and apples for her daily fruit intake. So, these fresh blackberries and raspberries were killer and quite the little treat.

Kip & Krab Sigaren -Spicy cigars of chicken & crabmeat, dipping sauces

You MUST get the Kip & Krab Sigaren as an appetizer. This was a suggestion by our lovely waiter and boy oh boy were they good. The spicy cigars are full of chicken and crabmeat with two different dipping sauces.


I absolutely loved the flavors in this appetizer. They reminded me a bit of an eggroll but much more elaborate, cut perfectly and precisely plated.

Napoleon Mimosa -Cava, OJ, blood orange, liqueur
Jalepeño Bloody Mary’s

The brunch drink options are pretty fab. Between variations of bloody mary’s, mimosas and bellinis, you can’t go wrong. And for someone who likes a spicy kick too almost anything, these bloody’s were pretty darn good.


Mais Wafles -Homemade cornbread waffle, pulled pork, avocado, 2 fried eggs, crème fraîche

I ordered the Mais Wafles because I mean c’mon, a cornbread waffle? How often does one get that?! It was perfect with the pulled pork and crème fraîche combined. Also, don’t ask for your eggs to be cooked in a different way. Keep them runny because the waffle is amazing when dipped in the runny egg yolk.

Hanger Steak En Eieren -Grilled hanger steak, 2 eggs sunny side up, tomato salad, roasted potatoes, Béarnaise sauce

This combo dish was pretty bomb. I mean 1. That pesto along the tomatoes is gorgeous and 2. What is better than dipping steak in Béarnaise sauce?

The Chocolate Mousse – Dark Chocolate, Candied Beets, Chocolate Pearls

Ok – dessert time. Holy. Smokes. This was one of the best things I have ever eaten and I am not kidding. This chocolate mousse is so rich and perfect and I would cuddle with it if I could.

Brusseles Wafles – Fresh Strawberries, caramel sauce, basil and creme

Our waiter told us this was a must. Since Belga is known for their waffles, this is as beautiful as it is tasteful. The waffle is cooked to perfection and the combination of the fresh fruit, caramel sauce and whipped creme on top is the perfect sweet entrée choice or dessert to top off a great meal.


Remember how I said the Chocolate Mousse was the best thing I’ve ever eaten….well, I lied. This crème brûlée was so gorgeous that I didn’t want to ruin it! Not to mention, this is one of my favorite shots from our entire brunch experience.

Until we meet again, Belga Cafe! Every experience is amazing and I am sure I will be back soon.

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