Hay girl, hey! Ready for a classy brunch buffet right near the White House?

The first time I went to breakfast at The Hay-Adams Hotel, I fell in love with their oatmeal soufflé. The dishes, the beautiful piano accompaniment, and the genuine service all make The Lafayette one of the classiest DC restaurants in my book.

Brunch was a totally different experience with an appetizer buffet full of fresh salads, cheeses, seafood and pastries. To complement your appetizer selections, you have the choice of a brunch beverage such as their special Strawberry Orange Mimosa, Bloody Mary or Brut Champagne. This is followed by a brunch entrée of choice prepared by the culinary team as you relax following your appetizer feast. You conclude the meal by visiting the dessert buffet, filled with seasonal sweet treats courtesy of Pastry Chef John Short. I can assure you that you will also never run out of coffee or tea as your lovely waiter will make sure that you always have a warm cup.

I’ll give you a quick glance at the amazing appetizer buffet, but only a quick one! I don’t want to spoil the fun of going yourself and exploring all the local specialties.


The smoked salmon and ceviche were my favorites out of all the appetizers. The cheese selection is dangerous if you have no self control like me – choose carefully! There is also a wide variety of fresh salads – pictured right above is a delicious beet and citrus salad.

Following an array of appetizers, you are greeted with a menu of delightful entrées. This was quite the tough choice but here were the winners:


Skuna Bay Salmon Tartare – Pickled Purple Daikon, Persian Cucumber, Shaved Fennel, Ruby Grapefruit
Braised Moulard Duck Chilaquiles – White Corn Tortilla, Salsa Verde, Farm Egg, Avocado and Cojita Cheese

The salmon tartare was to die for. The pickled topping gives it such a fresh and unique flavor especially alongside some perfectly placed grapefruit. Then you have the duck chilaquiles – a dish that I just want to stare at and never ruin. The salsa verde paired with the duck made for a great combination but in comparison to the salmon tartare, I have to say that it stood no chance.

I was so tempted to order one of their newer menu items: Brioche French Toast- Bartlett Pears Caramelized with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar and Toasted Almonds. How unreal does that sound? But as soon as I set my eyes on the dessert buffet, I just couldn’t order a sweet entrée – had to save up for the variety of options right before my eyes.


If you can’t tell from the array of photos here, I think you are safe to assume that you will leave brunch happy as a clam. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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