Uno, Dos, Tre..dici Enoteca for the win!

I never used to be a Rosé person but I had my first glass this season at Tredici Enoteca, and man, was it refreshing. Now, would I recommend a glass of Rosé for brunch? Probably not. I was a very sleepy gal after this but it was well worth it.

Tredici Enoteca‘s jazz brunch is quite simply a sophisticated and classy weekend date spot. Located in the lobby of the St. Gregory Hotel, it is beautifully accompanied by vintage decor, books, and a classic ambiance. The live music made the whole experience complete as the pianist and guitarist/vocalist duo played jazz tunes with some occasional John Mayer pieces and more. Graham and I tried many brunch items and all were decently priced and served in a timely manner.

Tredici’s Bloody Mary and a glass of Rosé 
Raw Shrimp & Crab Appetizer – Both were nicely chilled and fresh
Shakshuka (poached eggs with tomato stew and green olives) with blackened toast that I promise you does not taste like charcoal – it is actually very moist and pairs perfectly with this warm dish filled with savory spices. Bex advises that you order this as it is one of the chef’s specialties.
Doughnut sandwich with maple chicken sausage, American cheese, and a fried egg, all between a doughnut…it is truly as amazing as it sounds and as healthy as it sounds.
Not to mention, I’m loving the wooden board that it is served on – such a beautiful presentation. One thing Graham loved about all the dishes was how large and hearty they were. You definitely get exactly what you are paying for at Tredici. They do not skimp on anything so prepare for a full plate, baby! 
This fried chicken really hits the spot. It does not taste overly fried but is rather moist and beautifully dowsed with a heaping amount of their special sauce. 
Saved the best for last – Tredici’s Avocado Toast is made with challah bread and topped with fresh mashed avocado, a poached egg and some paprika – simply phenomenal. I think I would go back to Tredici just to order this. Enjoy!


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