(Fo)-go with the flow and head to bottomless brunch at Fogo de Chão this weekend!

Anyone who is familiar with a trip to Fogo de Chão knows that they are in for lots and lots of delicious food that is hard to resist. Many people think they have so-called “pro tips.”

“Don’t fill up on the salad bar, you’ll be able to stuff your face with more meat” or “stash some of those amazing bread balls in your purse for later…they won’t even notice.” But let’s face it, you will be rolling out of there one way or another and if you’re not, clearly you did something wrong at this all you can eat Brazilian Steakhouse.

One element I loved about visiting Fogo for brunch this fall was their amazing butternut squash soup option. Grab some of those fresh rolls delivered to your table to dip and it’s simply a great start to the entire experience.

The fall/winter drink options are quite delicious as well – too hard to choose one though, so you should try whatever you think will pair best with your meal. In my opinion, this was the sangria but Graham and I also tried the bloody mary and moscow mule.




The staff at the Washington, DC Fogo de Chão is always wonderful. We were greeted with this impeccably plated rib eye with a fresh chimichurri sauce. This was the highlight of our meal, hands down.


Shrimp cocktail is something I can’t say I have ever had at Fogo! They always serve some lox at the salad bar but this shrimp was surprisingly very fresh and delish.


We all know the best part of the meal is when you flip your card over to the green side and meaty men…men with meat…I’m sorry, servers….come to your service in a jiffy. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy that?





Head to Fogo this holiday season and eat up! Everyone could use a little extra meat on their bones with this chilly weather, that’s for sure. Enjoy!



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