Why wood(ward) you sleep in when you could go to brunch?

I’ll be honest, I actually hadn’t heard too much about Woodward Table other than seeing a few glimpses of some pretty good-looking meals on Instagram over the past few months. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect going into a brunch there, but as soon as I walked in, I was pleasantly surprised by the comforting vibe of the seating options and bar area. Head there this weekend for their restaurant week brunch deal!

We started the afternoon off with their fab speciality iced coffee that reminded me of an iced caramel macchiato. Graham and I both savored the refreshing drink and even ordered a second round (I know, we were living on the wild side).


Please  take note that clearly Graham does not have a future as a hand model – sorry, babe.

One of the first dishes we ordered was the acai bowl. It was absolutely gorgeous – I almost didn’t want to eat it!

Acai Bowl – Greek yogurt, berries, nuts, grains, fruits, wildflower honey

I recommend ordering this as a light and affordable appetizer priced at only $9.75. I do wish the restaurant clarified the type of Greek yogurt used in the dish as I was expecting a plain or vanilla Greek yogurt after simply reading the description (that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the berry flavor).


Next, we were served the Cast Iron Skillet Mussels. I have had many mussel dishes during my time in DC, but I am not kidding when I say these were the best mussels I have ever had. Graham agreed.

Cast Iron Skillet Mussels – Smoked bacon, apple cider, blue cheese sauce, grilled bread, apple butter

Each shell had a small cube of delicious smoked bacon in it…we checked them all (just kidding, we would be psychotic if we did that….alright, we might have done it). The sauce was a perfect consistency, not too thick and not too thin, while the flavors of the apple cider and blue cheese together made for a divine combination. The bread was fairly crouton-like, but when dipped in the sauce, it made for a nice pairing. For just $12.75 too? You must order these. You will thank me.Oh, surprise! What do we have here?

Woodward’s Famous Parker House Rolls – Hearth baked, herb butter, maldon salt 

I remember these bread rolls from Instagram as other customers classified them as Woodward Table’s “famous rolls.” Well, Mr. Famous Roll, let me give you a quick bite…omg….this is melting in my mouth. So warm. So soft. So carby. And here you thought you were going to be healthy at this brunch, Bex.


Personally, I would save the rolls for dinner, but to each his own!

Now, I am a huge fan of cheese because who isn’t. We ordered the cheese board with a variety of cheeses and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the two blue cheese selections. One was a gorgonzola dolce cheese – mild, creamy and sweet. The other was a smoky blue sweet cream – earthy, nutty, caramel notes. The other selections (cow and goat) were alright, but not my favorite. The board comes with a variety of toasted bread and crackers, as well as the candied walnuts, fruit preserves and golden raisins.

Woodward Cheese Board – Artisanal cheese, fruit preserves, toasted bread

There are some better appetizers on the menu (mussels and acai bowl) so spare yourself some calories and pass on the cheese board.

Next we were served Woodward’s patisserie – the pastry chef’s selection of freshly baked bread & pastry, whipped butter, truffle honey, and seasonal jam. This was a unique variety and I actually enjoyed a few bites of this more than I thought I would. Everything was very fresh. If you’re into pastries, have at this for an affordable $10.75.

Woodward’s Patisserie -Pastry chef’s selection of freshly baked bread & pastry, whipped butter, truffle honey, seasonal jam

Huge, huge, HUGE fan of this entrée. The Sanchez is Woodward Table’s dish of fried eggs, house-made chorizo, avocado, queso fresco, black bean puree, chipotle aioli, cilantro, and corn masa sopes. The flavor combo is unreal, y’all. Definitely recommend ordering this hearty and savory dish.

The Sanchez – Fried eggs, house-made chorizo, avocado, queso fresco, black bean puree, chipotle aioli, cilantro, and corn masa sopes.

I can’t say I’m a huge pasta or mac & cheese person, but this lobster mac was pretty good and very photogenic, might I add.

Lobster Mac & Cheese – Sharp cheddar, mornay, cracker topping, maine lobster

If you’re having more of a sweet tooth, hands down get the Buttermilk Ricotta Pancakes. The whipped butter and pear combo is great. If you’re with a large group, get one to share for the table as a dessert.

Buttermilk Ricotta Pancakes – Cardamom spiced pear compote, walnuts, chantilly maple syrup, whipped butter

Woodward Table definitely outdid my expectations! Go check it out yourself and let me know what you think.


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