About Bex

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Hey there!

Welcome to breakfastwithbex.com, I am Rebecca Doser and I am very excited that you are visiting my blog!

So, who am I? 

I am a culinary enthusiast who loves exploring new cuisines and restaurants while also cooking and baking regularly in my NOMA neighborhood in Washington, D.C. I am currently the media relations manager at Destination DC and enjoy marketing the cultural, artistic and historical facets of our nation’s capital. I am originally from Penfield, New York where I grew up with my lovely parents, three brothers and chunky, cheese-loving yellow lab, Champ.

So, who am I really (the nitty-gritty details…oolala)?

I am a writer. From working in the St. Lawrence University Communications Department in college to writing for The Library of Congress Gazette and working in public relations at Ketchum, I thoroughly enjoy writing in every aspect of my daily life.

As a former member of the St. Lawrence University women’s volleyball team, I thrive on fitness to drive my energy and mental strength every day. Nice outdoor runs, an intense HIIT workout, or a high-energy spin class all help me start my day off on the right foot and stay healthy.

I love breakfast. Surprise! Name any breakfast food and I likely adore it. The only problem with my eating habits may be that I have never found a single food I don’t like and I am also the most indecisive person on this planet so, deciding what specifically to eat is harder than it may seem!

Extremely random but hey, these are the nitty-gritty details, right? If there could be an obsession that comes remotely close to my one with breakfast it would be my obsession with Christmas. Music, cookies, decorations, gifts….ho, ho, ho!

Oh and how could I forget that I love to shop! J.Crew, Anthropologie, grocery shopping…oh yeah, I love it all.
21891_819824618107235_1471808532280134186_nOk, last fun fact: I love spending time with my family. Whether we are going to church every Sunday, eating dinner together, spending time at our cabin or just hanging out; my parents and brothers are my best friends and I would not change that for anything.

Alright, enough about Rebecca Doser. You are probably curious about breakfastwithbex am I right?

How did breakfastwithbex emerge?

I began my Instagram account @breakfastwithbex in March of 2014. It began as a spontaneous desire to share my love for breakfast with some friends and turned into a daily breakfast account accompanied by my sarcastic, punny captions that many of my followers enjoy every morning on Instagram!

Can you use recipes/photos from my blog?

I ask that you please do not redistribute any photos or recipes from my blog without my permission. Unless specified and given proper credit to the creators, all recipes and photos are my own and if you wish to use them simply contact me by email at breakfastwithbex@gmail.com. Thank you and enjoy!

I am also a contributor and network partner at Millennial-kitchen.com and Honestcooking.com. Check them out!







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