I’m (hazel)nuts about you, Nocciolata

What could honestly be better than chocolate and peanut butter together? Well, probably a lot, I guess, if you’re allergic to peanut butter. Then, the combo would not be so great and also, your life would be really sad. Just saying. The new Nocciolata Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread is made with ingredients that are all farmed…

Who you callin’ peanut….

When one questions what he or she feels like eating and thinks, “Hmm, do my tastebuds crave something sweet? Savory perhaps? Or both?” The answer is always: Peanut Butter. Just straight up peanut butter. Grab the jar. Grab a spoon. And just eat it by the spoonful. You won’t regret it. Well, I take that back….